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Ganron is one of Israel’s leading importers and distributors in providing sustainable solutions for gardening infrastructure development as well as landscape and environment. Ganron specializes in green roofs, cultivating urban trees subsoil, drainage and stormwater management.

Ganron was founded in 1987 by Ruthie and Ronny Benin as a family business, providing construction and maintenance services for outdoor landscaping and indoor vegetation. In 2000, Ganron expanded to imports and distribution.

Today, Ganron is the exclusive representative in Israel of world leading manufacturers in their fields – DuPont, Optigreen, GreenMax, Permaloc, Bontexgeo, Atlantis and TreeBuilders to name a few.

There are dozens of products in the range of products, many of which are used daily in specifications of building and landscape architects, planners, engineers and developers across the country.

Years of Experience
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Sq M Infrastructure Development and Green Roofs

Background and vision

Before the establishment of Ganron, Ronny was working as a technical and commercial diver in deep diving, providing underwater services for the oil industry around the world. His clients included private, governmental and international organisations. Ronny provided consulting, management and execution of complex projects, including dives with depths of up to 200 meters.

During his complex and dangerous work, Ronny learned the importance of responsibility and reliability, professionalism and quality, trust and mutual appreciation. These are the fundamental values ​​that Ronny poured into Ganron.

Nowadays, with being mindful towards climate change and with a caring worrying look to the future, Ganron carefully selects its products;

Innovative, creative and unique products that meet the needs of its clients, but above all, are suitable for the needs of the environment.

Ganron considers creating a sustainable environment a priority and strives for the protection of trees, animals and plant welfare in the urban environment.

Ganron believes that building and developing while protecting the environment is in the public’s interest.

Our cities deserve cleaner air, a greener environment, healthier and happier people.

Ganron's mission is to contribute as much as possible to the development of sustainable cities – for the environment, for us and for future generations.


Over the years, Ganron has worked with hundreds of clients in a variety of fields; High-tech, technology, banks, government and government bodies, medical centers, tourism, leisure and business, education and higher education, construction, development and landscaping, manufacturers and distributors.

The following is a partial list of selected customers:

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